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What To Do On And Around School Campuses in The US East Coast During The Christmas Holiday

The Christmas Season is a very special time of the year where families come together for a well-deserved break after a busy year. If you are a student who has to spend the holidays on or around campus in the US East Coast, there are a number of activities you can get involved in, to enjoy the season.

1. For students attending the University of Dayton, Ohio

A Christmas tree with lights at the University of Dayton
Courtesy of Kendra Rindler on Pinterest

A big to-do Christmas Annual tradition has been scheduled to begin from the 8th of Dec. proceeding with the tree lighting and rightfully termed ‘Christmas On Campus’. A definitely nice way to celebrate within a community that has become a safe haven for most students especially international ones. Check out this link for more information.

2. If you are schooling in Pennsylvania

The UPMC Rink at PPG Place by Kurt Miller
Courtesy of  Rivers of Steel

You are in for a treat; we found an actual countdown calender that shows the time, date and locations of local holiday events within the community for you to get involved with, so as to make the holiday a little less lonely. Find the complete schedule for all upcoming events in this link.

3. While at New York, a city that never sleeps 

Christmas in New York
Courtesy of The Blonde Scout

There’s so much to do, from the numerous sights to various local Christmas activities. You can sign up and get busy with all the sights, views and volunteer opportunities all through the month of December leading up to Christmas.

For holiday activity organised by NYU students, there is a Stern party scheduled for the 4th of Dec. Other available activities such as the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting, Christmas markets around the city as well as ice skating (especially at the Bryant Park winter village), a view of the MET’s Christmas tree, Macy’s santaland, the Brooklyn’s Dyker heights and the Menorah lighting especially for Hanukkah celebrants have been scheduled this year as it’s the annual tradition for the city of New York. This Elle article gives a lot more information on the above events.

Christmas decorations in New York Square
Courtesy of Pinterest

If you are looking to interact and give meaningful service this festive season, below are the links of volunteering opportunities within the city of New York that you can get involved with. 

4. For international students at the Southern New Hampshire University 

Christmas in New Hampshire
Courtesy of New Hampshire Way

You can go through this list of activities with the time, dates and location outlined for you to engage in, if you find yourself on campus. These activities are albeit not particularly festive but are enough to interact and socialize so that the holiday blues don’t set in when alone during this time of togetherness. On the flip side, a Festive event  scheduled for the 7th of Dec. and termed 'Festival Of Wreaths' is available to load up on the festive spirit.   

5. If you attend Rutgers University 

Christmas in New Brunswick
Courtesy of Rutgers Today

You have been saved by the New Brunswick city centre that claims its place as your Host this festive season. From tree lighting to the annual holiday comedy jam, there’s an event/activity for anyone stuck in town.

6. At Temple University

Christmas Village in Love Park
Courtesy of Billy Penn

A Free Holiday Concert that takes place annually has been scheduled for the 8th of Dec. coupled with local events set up by the city of Philadelphia. This website schedule shows all the events and activities that you engage in, if you find yourself in Philly.

7. While at Boston, Massachusetts

Snow in Boston
Courtesy of Travel Triangle

Events to put you in the holiday mood has begun, and the Thrillist has all the set up events and Christmas markets for you to choose, whatever is to your liking for this festive season. If you would like to be on the giving end this holiday season, this link will highlight all the various volunteer opportunities to help create good cheer this season.

8. You could become a secret Santa in Pittsburgh 

Christmas festivities in downtown Pittsburgh.
Courtesy of Petersons in Pittsburgh

By making donations to the Gift Drive organized by the University of Pittsburgh which runs from Nov. 6th to Dec. 15th, so there’s still time to get involved. If you have no plans to leave Pittsburgh, then you are in luck as the holiday schedule has already kicked off, there's so much to do and activities to help make connections and feel less alone.

9. And at New Haven 

Snowfall in Yale University
Courtesy of Yale University Twitter

A List of events provided by Yale University has been provided for any Yale student who will be in the school’s premises for the holidays. Also provided is a Calendar of the local festivities and events that you could enjoy for some some good fun this holiday season in several parts of New Haven.   

10. At Rhode Island

Christmas at the Beach, RI
Courtesy of Rhode Island Monthly

A Christmas By the Sea is the theme for a very calming and relaxing experience but if you would like more traditional holiday festivities, look no further than the Kingston schedule, which will provide you with all the activities set up by the city this holiday season. 

11. In Burlington, Vermont 

Christmas at Burlington, VT
Courtesy of Hello Burlington

For international students who find themselves in Burlington for the holidays, so much has been lined up to bring in Christmas cheer such as winter lights in the park for a lovely evening stroll. Find more of this line up in this link here

If you are a student staying in the East Coast this season, do soak up all the festive activities while we begin the countdown to the New Year.



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