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These are 17 Ideal Job Opportunities for US College Students

Earning some form of income is a big deal for students entering a US college/university as it serves as a means of covering some of the expenses incurred on a regular basis. Luckily in most American universities and colleges, on-campus and online jobs are often available and are a fantastic way for college students to earn money while not missing a beat with their school work. These jobs offer opportunities to build relevant skills and also earn a tidy sum at the end of the month.  ON-CAMPUS JOBS 1. Barista:  Courtesy of It’s quite normal to find two or more coffee shops sited on-campus in virtually any American university and as can be expected, there will be several openings for the role of a barista. A barista is an attendant who works in a specialty coffee shop and the responsibilities of a barista include the preparation of the variety of espresso-based coffee drinks offered in the shop and ensuring that customers know the products and services on of