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The 17 Most Popular Restaurants On American Campuses

On most American campuses, you are bound to spot a few restaurants where you can pop in for a burger or two and a cold glass of cola, but in terms of campus frequency*, these are the top 17; 17. WHICH WICH   This is a funky sandwich joint, created by Jeff Sinelli (also the founder of the Genghis Grill), that produces sandwiches that are undeniably addictive. Which Wich has proven to be extremely popular on campuses where it is located and it’s always a lunchtime favorite amongst students. Must try: The Philly Cheesesteak Check out the Which Wich Menu here 16. AU BON PAIN This is a bakery retail unit with a history steeped in French cuisine; businessman Louis Kane bought the store from a French baking equipment manufacturer who showcased their ovens by having French bakers bake with them instore. Their soups are widely known for the freshness of ingredients used and it’s often the spot to catch up with friends at the end of a long day. Must try: Corn &am

These are The Most Likely Breakfast Meals You'll Be Served at an American College Dining

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day and most American universities do not take this notion lightly as they make sure that there are a wide range of items served for breakfast and these are usually arranged by categories to allow for easy retrieval. Listed below are the most common items likely to be served at breakfast in an American college dining*. 1. MEATS 1.1 HAM Courtesy of Dinner then Dessert Ham is the tasty meat of a pig’s hind leg that has been preserved by salting; the ones served in most college dining have been smoked for additional flavor. For breakfast, you can pair this with whatever bread is on offer or some baked potatoes or simply garnish a bowl of vegetables from the vegetable bar for a hearty salad. 1.2 BACON Courtesy of Southern Living Bacon is similar to ham but this time, the meat is gotten from the pig’s back; most universities tend to also have a healthier option on offer such as the turkey bacon. Because of its

These Are The Most Expensive Colleges in America

The fact that education doesn’t come cheap is well-known but there are some colleges that will set you back a considerable penny (loads to be precise) and in most cases, you would have to pay the full cost of your program of choice. Without much ado, these are the 17 most expensive colleges in America. 17. Bard College Built in the 1850’s by Christian philanthropist John Bard, Bard College (formerly named St. Stephen’s College) started out as a male theological school for the Episcopal Church. In 1919, Bernard Iddings Bell, the acclaimed Episcopal priest, was appointed the school’s president and under his leadership, Bard adopted a broader and more secular curriculum which doubled the student enrollment. By the 1940’s, Bard had become a refuge for fleeing European intellectuals such as Hannah Arendt and Adolf Sturmthal and it would later be considered as one of the first adopters of progressive education. The DCA is $71,979 . 1 Click here to check out Bard's reviews