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These are 17 Ideal Job Opportunities for US College Students

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List Of American Universities/Colleges Offering Full Tuition Scholarships to US Citizens

Courtesy of University of Miami Facebook page As an American citizen, you are eligible for a host of full tuition scholarships offered by several colleges and universities in the US.

What To Do On And Around School Campuses in The US East Coast During The Christmas Holiday

The Christmas Season is a very special time of the year where families come together for a well-deserved break after a busy year. If you are a student who has to spend the holidays on or around campus in the US East Coast, there are a number of activities you can get involved in, to enjoy the season. 1. For students attending the University of Dayton, Ohio Courtesy of Kendra Rindler on Pinterest A big to-do Christmas Annual tradition has been scheduled to begin from the 8th of Dec. proceeding with the tree lighting and rightfully termed ‘Christmas On Campus’. A definitely nice way to celebrate within a community that has become a safe haven for most students especially international ones. Check out this link  for more information. 2. If you are schooling in Pennsylvania Courtesy of  Rivers of Steel You are in for a treat; we found an actual countdown calender that shows the time, date and locations of local holiday events within the community for you to get involved with, so as to mak

10 American Universities Offering Full-Ride Scholarships to International Undergraduate Students

The United States of America remains a popular destination for international students to gain a tertiary education as it provides quality education and an array of promising career opportunities upon graduation.  But even with these wonderful reasons, it is a well known fact that obtaining an American education is quite expensive and this has caused many a student to give up on the American dream as the attendance costs keep rising from year to year and show no attempt at slowing down. If you are at this time, looking to study in the United States but have limited resources at your disposal, look no further as we have compiled a number of universities and colleges that offer full-ride scholarships that cover tuition, fees, accommodation and feeding for the entire four years of undergraduate study. 1.  CENTRE COLLEGE Courtesy of Centre College Facebook Page Centre College is located in the small town of Danville, Kentucky and its curriculum is designed with a focus on providing its stud

7 Guidelines On How To Create A Winning College Application

Ideally, the road to college applications should begin years before you start to put together your package; but if you are like most people, you probably only began to seriously think about college a few months before entry. Not to worry, you can still make a killer application and snag a couple of scholarships while you are at it. 1. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH This is the first and one of the most important steps, if not the most important. After deciding what you are going to major on, do a thorough research on the colleges or universities that you would like to attend and narrow the list down to 5. Whatever you do, please do not take as the gospel truth, reviews/rankings from so-called experts or websites on a school’s standards; quite a number of them are paid advertisements veiled as honest opinions {this is the reason why we’ve compiled at least 90% of all American universities and colleges on our listing site to make the search easier for you}. Visit the univer

These are The Most Likely Breakfast Meals You'll Be Served at an American College Dining

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day and most American universities do not take this notion lightly as they make sure that there are a wide range of items served for breakfast and these are usually arranged by categories to allow for easy retrieval. Listed below are the most common items likely to be served at breakfast in an American college dining*. 1. MEATS 1.1 HAM Courtesy of Dinner then Dessert Ham is the tasty meat of a pig’s hind leg that has been preserved by salting; the ones served in most college dining have been smoked for additional flavor. For breakfast, you can pair this with whatever bread is on offer or some baked potatoes or simply garnish a bowl of vegetables from the vegetable bar for a hearty salad. 1.2 BACON Courtesy of Southern Living Bacon is similar to ham but this time, the meat is gotten from the pig’s back; most universities tend to also have a healthier option on offer such as the turkey bacon. Because of its