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List Of American Universities/Colleges Offering Full Tuition Scholarships to US Citizens

Courtesy of University of Miami Facebook page As an American citizen, you are eligible for a host of full tuition scholarships offered by several colleges and universities in the US.

What To Do On And Around School Campuses in The US East Coast During The Christmas Holiday

The Christmas Season is a very special time of the year where families come together for a well-deserved break after a busy year. If you are a student who has to spend the holidays on or around campus in the US East Coast, there are a number of activities you can get involved in, to enjoy the season. 1. For students attending the University of Dayton, Ohio Courtesy of Kendra Rindler on Pinterest A big to-do Christmas Annual tradition has been scheduled to begin from the 8th of Dec. proceeding with the tree lighting and rightfully termed ‘Christmas On Campus’. A definitely nice way to celebrate within a community that has become a safe haven for most students especially international ones. Check out this link  for more information. 2. If you are schooling in Pennsylvania Courtesy of  Rivers of Steel You are in for a treat; we found an actual countdown calender that shows the time, date and locations of local holiday events within the community for you to get involved with, so as to mak