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The 17 Most Affordable Universities for Out of State and International Students

There is something to be said about the coming together of people from different cultures and backgrounds that helps to reform old practices into more efficient ones. As a result of this, American universities welcome diversity and liken it to a chisel which if used properly, can turn a lump of clay into a breath-taking work of art. They thus, encourage applications from out of state and international students and have significant financial aid set aside for very high-performing students. But even with this fact, a college education will set you back a pretty penny and having done the research, we’ve collated the most affordable colleges for out of state and international students.

This is the campus grounds of the Mississippi University for Women

Originally built as a women’s college in the 1800’s, it was converted into a coed university in 1982. Presently MUW has over 30 bachelor degrees on offer and was ranked a best value school among public Southern regional universities by the News & World Report in 2018.
The out of state/international DCA is $17,844.1

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This is a building in Mayville State University.

Mayville State University is one of the universities that make up the North Dakota University System and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Starting out as a teaching school in 1889, MSU has over the years stayed true to its heritage by having eleven undergraduate teaching majors on offer. Its curriculum has also expanded to include a host of pre-professional courses and several science courses.
The out of state/international DCA is $17,696.

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ECU's inscription on campus

East Central University was one of the first schools established when Oklahoma was admitted into the United States as the 46th state. It is one of the very few schools in America to offer a cartography degree and is internationally acclaimed for this. Its academic structure is divided into five units with over 70 degree offerings such as biology, communication studies and environmental health science.
The out of state/international DCA is $17,640.

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This is the Woodworth Chapel at Tougaloo College

Tougaloo College is a privately owned HBCU in Mississippi, founded in 1869 by a group of New York missionaries. It was originally established as a place of learning for freed slaves and their children but was soon turned into a teacher’s training school for black students by the state of Mississippi. The college during the Civil Rights Movement was a rallying point for social activists to convene and plan; one of such meetings led to the staging of a sit-in by a group of students now popularly known as the Tougaloo Nine.
The out of state/international DCA is $17,484.

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This is the aerial view of NMHU

The New Mexico Highlands University campus has very close proximity to the host of recreational and adventure spaces that Las Vegas has all around the city, thus it’s a top choice for students looking for a bit of outdoors fun. Its student body is distinctively Latino and Indian American but the population of foreign nationals has steadily grown over the years.
The out of state/international DCA is $17,388.

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This is the campus of Bemidji State along the coastline of Lake Bemidji

BSU has a serene wooded campus that is located along the shores of Lake Bemidji after which it is named. This prime location creates the opportunity for its students to engage in a host of water sport activities such as kayaking, waterboarding, fishing and a host of other activities. Its curriculum is very extensive and stretches from Sport Management to Space Studies.
The out of state/international DCA is $17,306.

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This is a building in Dickinson State University.

Dickinson State University proudly adheres to its motto ‘Small community, Big Opportunity’ in the life of its students by providing them with a personalized teaching experience that is tailored to each student’s need. Its athletics teams are also well-renowned, having had a crop of noteworthy track and field alumni such as Trevor Barry and Ramon Miller.
The out of state/international DCA is $17,044.

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This is a building in Wilmington University's campus.

If diversity is a main criterion in your choice of a college then Wilmington has a bustling student body of over 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world. Its location is set in the serene historic town of New Castle and is close to several National Historic Landmarks such as the Old Arsenal. Its curriculum is an extensive one with about 100 degrees on offer such as Information Systems Management and Human Resource Management.
The out of state/international DCA is $16,725.

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Carl R. Reng Student Union at ASU

If you are looking for a student-centric university, then look no further than Arkansas State University, the home of the Red Wolves. Its Carl R. Reng Student Union was ranked one of the most phenomenal student centers in America and you can be sure that you’ll be feeling right at home in no time. There are also several recreational activities on the ASU campus to keep students active and an 80,000 square facility was recently opened to accommodate the multiple sporting programs held in the university each year.
The out of state/international DCA is $16,637.

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This is a building in the University of Central Arkansas

The University of Central Arkansas is one of the oldest universities in Arkansas having first opened its doors in the year 1907. Its drama and theater arts program is nationally acclaimed and promotes active student participation in all facets of production such as lighting, sound and costumes. The UCA Reynolds Performance Hall opened in 2000, has seen several great musicians perform within it walls namely; Ray Charles, Gladys Knight and Gavin DeGraw.
The out of state/international DCA is $16,440.

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Inscription of Eastern New Mexico University

ENMU is the largest comprehensive university in the region and offers over 50 undergraduate degrees. Its campus serves as home to 5 museums, an art gallery and a library. The Dr. Antonio Gennaro Natural History museum receives thousands of visitors every year and its live animal exhibit is particularly a crowd-pleaser.
The out of state/international DCA is $16,340.

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Cheerleaders at Minot State University

Minot State University was established in 1913 as a two-year preparatory college for teachers in North Dakota. It has since expanded to become the third largest university in North Dakota with over 70 bachelor degrees and they include Communication Disorders, Addiction Studies and Bioinformatics. Its alumni networks boasts of some really impressive figures such as Josh Duhamel, Arthur G. Crane (former governor of Wyoming) and Mary Sherman Morgan.
The out of state/international DCA is $15,694.

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Inscription of Paul Quinn College

Paul Quinn College is a small, privately owned, liberal arts HBCU and the first urban work college in the country. PQC over the years has grown into a formidable college where students are prepared for life after college from the onset, and this is demonstrated by the formal dress code firmly upheld on campus. Paul Quinn has also created several social programs that has positively impacted their surrounding community such as the We over Me Farm program which is exclusively run by student-employees and has donated over 3000 pounds of organic produce to its neighborhood charities.
The out of state/international DCA is $15,520.

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Three American flags waving in the wind at Delta State University

DSU is a small college in the heart of the Mississippi Delta which is said to contain the most fertile soil in the world. Starting out as a white-only college in 1925, DSU eventually began admitting African-American students in 1967 to gradually evolve into the diverse university it is today. Its commercial aviation degree program is the only one of such in the entire state of Mississippi and is nationally acclaimed. The very famous author, John Grisham, is an alumnus of DSU.
The out of state/international DCA is $15,396.

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Rice-Totten Stadium at Mississippi Valley State University

MVSU is a public HBCU located in the small town of Itta Bena. After the United States Supreme Court ruling that race segregation was unconstitutional in public schools, the legislature in Mississippi created the Mississippi Vocational College which they hoped would attract college bound African Americans and stop them from applying to predominately white colleges. As the years went by, MVSU has grown from a tiny college into a worthy university with about 20 degrees offered including Computer Science and Environmental Health.
The out of state/international DCA is $15,071.

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The lovely campus of Northwestern Oklahoma State University

NWOSU started out as most American universities did; a training ground for teachers in rural schools. After a 100 years since it first took in its first set of students, NWOSU has evolved into a reputable regional university with over 20 degrees offered. It is home to the second oldest museum in Oklahoma with a large collection of native Oklahoma biological specimens, as well as hundreds of Alaskan mammals and bird specimens.
The out of state/international DCA is $14,235.

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Students walking on the campus of Pensacola Christian College

Once again, the most affordable American university in this category is the Pensacola Christian College. PCC is a non-profit liberal arts college in Florida with a student population of over 5000 students and about 20 undergraduate degree offerings. PCC prides itself in delivering quality education with a Christian perspective and has a considerable amount of alumni working in the various arms of government to show for this.
The out of state/international DCA is $9,894.

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We would love to hear your preferences when considering a college; is affordability a criterion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

1Direct cost of attendance (DCA) is the summation of the costs paid directly to the college namely; tuition fees, room and board charges. The figures cited were obtained from the colleges’ websites using the most expensive options for the 2018 – 19 academic year {The health insurance charge, which is mandatory for all international students, was not included in the DCA}.


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